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Have you any immigration plans for Canada? If so, then you have made a perfect decision. In the past three years from 2016 to 2019, the total number of Indians moving to Canada has doubled. The Indians have achieved their objective of obtaining a visa for Canadians to reside.

Each year, lots of people look for Canada immigration from different parts of the world. Culturally diverse Canada represents the best migrant destinations in the world. 

The cosmopolitan cities, a strong economy, and a high standard of living render it to be the best country to live in. Canada also has an enormous demand for the migrants and has opened its doors to highly skilled people and talents for giving it the global edge.

If you are someone looking for Canada immigration below are some details one should look for:

Why is Canada Immigration the right option?

Immigration to Canada from India is exciting and also a life-changing decision for those having high aims for themselves and their families. Along with inviting people who are looking to move abroad, the country even attracts the tourists for good quality of life, a relaxed lifestyle and great weather. 

Are you wondering why Canada immigration? Then the answer is quite simple. Canada has a comprehensive set of various immigration policies. Irrespective of you being an entrepreneur, visitor, student, or a skilled worker, Canada has the migration program and the visa stream in one place for addressing all your needs.  

Canada is one amongst the top five countries throughout the world to live, depending on different factors. Here are few reasons why people prefer relocation to Canada from India:

  • A vibrant and widespread Indian community in Canada is one of the most important reasons why most of the Indians prefer immigration to Canada from India. Canada being a multicultural country, is rich in prosperity, traditions, and culture.
  • Canada is also well known for its immigration policies that are quite lenient. Once you get your PR visa in Canada, you can live, study as well as work in Canada.
  • The crime rate in Canada is quite less compared to those in other countries. Canada is a peaceful and safest place to live in when you compare it with other advanced countries.
  • As per the Canada immigration news, it is found that Canada ranks to be the best country in the world, depending on the quality of your life.
  • Canada also ranks amongst the top five countries in the World, depending on education and citizenship for women and raising the children.

Several programs allow one to apply to migrate to Canada. Including:

· Immigration to Canada as an Investor

· Immigration to Canada for your family

· Immigration to Canada as an Entrepreneur or the self-employed person

· Immigration to Canada via any Provincial Nominee programs

· Immigration to Canada via workers program called Quebec

· Immigration to Canada via any Express Entry programs

The program list is vibrant and, therefore, can change rapidly. Each of these programs comes with a set of application criteria and is intended for applicants of different kinds.

Canada Immigration Eligibility

Although each program seems to have different standards to relocate to Canada, there are some common interests. Canadian immigration authorities typically assess requests for migration depending on:

· The employment documentation of Canada

· Legal documentation and references

· The French language skills if you are migrating to the Quebec

· The IELTS score

· Your professional profile

· Your educational profile

It is not the exhaustive list, as well as being subject to modification. You can communicate with the Canada immigration consultants and increase the chances of moving to Canada.

Advantages of Immigrating to Canada from India

Canada is indeed an advanced nation, far ahead from India at a possible expense in the quality of your life, the employment rate, infrastructure, fellow citizen’s social security advantages, etc. While India is currently the fastest-growing economies across the world, it would still start taking a few more years to have it on a par with Canada.

A substantial Indian population has limited resources for both talented and skilled youths. That is the main reason why skilled workers consider countries such as Canada as the main destination for permanent living and working. 

Because of the enormous Indo-Canadian population residing in Canada, it shares a unique link with Indian and India. Indians find the level of comfort in living in a country in which they can contact and communicate with the individuals within their community. Canada is, therefore, always at the top of the list of Indians looking to move outside the country.

Canada Immigration Process

Canada Immigration offers a beautiful experience for many of the world’s Indians and people. Canada is officially bilingual, and the most multicultural and ethnically diverse country in the world. Canada celebrates each and every immigrant as a precious gem for their country; Canadians offer a familiar appreciation for both the roles immigrants play in creating a better place to live in Canada.

1) The Canadian Student Visa

Canada’s education system is filled with services of a world-class quality. It has the highest of most colleges and systems with competitive tuition. Being a safe and beautiful place to live, Canada has become a new student terminal. And being a student visa, one will take advantage of the opportunity to work for a few fixed hours in a week at the same time. And in Canada, one can be trans-formational to permanent residence.

2) The Start-up Visa

For any experienced business person or an investor, the start-up visa is the business program that is designed by the Canadian Government to enable the migrated entrepreneurs to set up their business in Canada with the help of well experienced corporate sector organizations with their start-up expertise.

3) The Canadian Student Visa

Canada’s education system is filled with the facilities of world class nature. It also has the highest of most colleges and systems with competitive tuition. Staying in a secure and beautiful place has repeatedly proven a new terminal for the students. While being at a student visa, people can seize the opportunity of working for a few fixed hours within a week at the same time. And in Canada, one can be trans-formational to permanent residence.

The Canada Immigration Process

The minimum points for underlying FSWP eligibility are 67 out of 100. Those who rank under 67 won’t qualify. It should be noted here that the necessary score for eligibility criteria and the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score are different.

In the Express Entry Program, all qualified candidates should set up a profile. For this reason, the ECA and IELTS score is compulsory. Afterward, the profile is provided ranking out of 1200 for various factors. It includes age, education, proficiency in a language, work experience, and so on.

CIC maintains regular drawings from the Express Entry pool and sets minimum CRS score for picture. An ITA shall be given to all qualified candidates in the pool with scores above the minimum score stated by the CRS. They can apply for a PR Visa in Canada. The minimum score for CRS has remained at 450 and above in 2019 so far.

Since Canada immigration is a point-based system, the experts at Round World Immigration would calculate the points, assist you with all your documentation, and also guide how and when to score more. We even guide the person about how to begin your life in Canada, in solving all your queries, and planning your career.

The statistics was based on the National Basis of American Policy’s review of the details provided by Canada Immigration Consultants in Nehru Place, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

For more Canada immigration news, please contact our accredited Canada Immigration Consultants in Nehru Place. Call Arotic Visa’s best consultants on +91-9667583755

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