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Are you inspired by migration to Canada based on the Canada PR visa? Are you wishing to settle down in Canada, and then following the Canada PR process is necessary. 

All about Canada PR Visa

The Canada PR Visa is provided to people who have the right to work as well as live in Canada without having any stay limit. To get the PR visa for Canada, the potential applicants should apply for the IRCC, which means immigration, refugee, and citizenship Canada. 

The Canada Permanent Visa is granted to those who are permanent residents of Canada. Depending on the various compelling factors that include career opportunities, security, environment, and living quality, etc., Canada has been rated to be the number one country throughout the world for permanent residency. Getting to stay in Canada via Canada Permanent Visa is the right option.

Advantages of having a PR Visa Canada

  • The residents are protected by a Canadian Charter and Canadian Law of Freedom and Rights
  • The social benefits
  • The healthcare facilities
  • Citizens having a Permanent Residency are eligible for the citizenship of Canada

The Canada PR Process

After you apply and once it is approved, the foreign national can get their Canada Permanent visa. With this, they can migrate to Canada and can also enjoy various benefits that are similar to the citizens of Canada.

In effect, surely, the best distinction between the Canadian citizen and permanent resident of Canada is a right to hold the public office and join the military and also vote. To become a Canadian permanent resident is a fundamental human right that can be revoked if a person is observed guilty of any serious crime so as a consequence is deported.

Some other way a permanent resident of Canada may lose his or her status is through failing to fulfill their duty to reside. The permanent resident in Canada is expected to spend at least two years in Canada in each 5 year period. 

If an officer is worried at either the port of entry or at the Canadian visa office that the permanent resident of Canada haven’t fulfilled his obligation to live, they will begin counting five years to check that the permanent resident of Canada has spent approximately 730 days in Canada.

To meet the residency requirement, a permanent resident of Canada should have spent a minimum of 730 days seeing one of the below over the last five years:

· Working in a foreign country for the Canadian company

· Accompanying their spouse abroad who is a citizen of Canada

· Staying in Canada

Necessary Documents for applying PR in Canada

  • The results of IELTS
  • The original copies of various documents that support your application
  • Your educational certificates, diploma certificates if any, your id proofs and other relevant information
  • The Educational Credential Assessment – ECA
  • The sufficient fund proof which supports your application
  • The clearance certificate from the police
  • All the certificates those prove your medical fitness

The Eligibility Criteria

You are required to get 67 points depending on your language skills, your work experience, your education, and age as well the job offer that you hold. Your work experience must be featured in an occupation list of Canada, which is known as the “National Occupational Classification”. When you clear the eligibility criteria, you should apply for a visa card in three easy steps.

Canada’s permanent resident visa has several immigration initiatives. Still, if you’re a skilled worker, the Express Entry system of Canada is the easiest way for those looking to get permanent residency in Canada.

Step 1: Test your points accompanied by the WES or any other related evaluation bodies.

Step 2: Apply directly via an electronic portal entitled as an Express Entry, and get selected depending on the ranking.

Step 3: Invite to apply. Prepare a final request together with the documents as well as the applicable fees. 

Once you’ve completed these three easy steps and the visa has been confirmed, you’ll be required to submit your passport for your visa stamping to the Canadian Embassy.

How one makes use of the Express Entry System for the PR Visa?

If you are a skilled worker, the Federal Skilled Workers Program allows you to qualify for a PR visa. In 2015 the Canadian government launched this to attract skilled workers to come and live in the country. To be eligible under this system, in the eligibility criteria given below, you should be able to get 67 points out of 100: Age: those between 18-35 years get maximum points. Those over 35 earn fewer points while the maximum age to qualify is 45.

Education: According to Canadian standards, under this category, your education qualification must be equal to higher secondary education.

Work experience: You should have full-time work experience of at least one year for minimum points. More years of experience with work means more points. Your jobs must be classified as National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B.

Language skills: In your IELTS exam, you must have at least six bands, and the score must be less than two years old. If you are fluent in French, you get extra points.

Adaptability: If your spouse or common law partner is able to move to Canada with you, you are entitled to 10 additional Adaptability Points.

Arranged employment: If you have a valid offer from a Canadian employer, you will receive a maximum of 10 points.

How one can qualify for the PR Visa via the PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

If you feel that under the Express Entry system, you may not get the required points for a PR visa, you may find the Provincial Nominee Program. There are two options to get your PR visa using the PNP system.

If any province needs such a profile as yours, they will pick your nomination profile and give you an invitation to apply for a PR Visa.

If you want to live in a given province in Canada, you will apply directly to that province.

When you satisfy the requirements, you can obtain a provincial nomination. After you receive the nomination form, you can apply for permanent residency.

The advantage to use the PNP program is that if you have applied for a PR visa under that program earlier, you could include the points you scored in the Express Entry Program. You must use those points to your PNP profile.

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