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Australia Tourist Visa

Australia is a global leader in tourism, business and education, offering numerous opportunities. The beauty of Australia is in fact enormous and has beautiful deserts and spectacular beaches. To take advantage of such a beautiful place you need the Australia tourist visa.

Before applying for Australia tourist visa from India you need to know some simple conditions and the Australian tourist visa requirements. Once the process is positive, it becomes easy for the Indian citizens to obtain an Australian tourist visa from India.

Any Indian applicant who wishes to travel to Australia can request for the Tourist Visa for Australia and if you wish to apply for the same then you need to look for the Australia Tourist Visa Documents for Indians.  Certain official documents may be required. If you apply for a tourist Visa, you cannot work for any organisation or provide Australian services / products. Hence think gently about the your decision and the Australia Tourist Visa from India processing time.

How to apply for the Tourist Visa in Australia from India?

The procedure for the Australian tourism visa from India along with the Australian visa processing time is given below: The processing time is:
  • The mechanism is online.
  • Create an IMMI account
  • Then fill in the Visitor Visa for Australia application form for the 600 visa subclass.
  • You are here to connect your application form to the appropriate documents.
  • The following is on-line payment for the Australia Tourist Visa Fees.
  • The embassy request form should be submitted online.
  • You must supply the embassy with biometrics once you apply.
The Offline Process
  • Firstly, the application form needs to be printed on our official website.
  • Fill out the corresponding information, and then sign the document.
  • Add all the necessary documentation.
  • Submit your form to the embassy.
  • Pay the appropriate fees when submitting the form.
  • Provide your Biometrics
  • Electronic Travel Authority visa i.e. via ETA
To ensure that all of your requirements are satisfied, you must review the electronic visa criteria for the travel authority. The ETA will allow you to travel, meet family and friends, or do business as a visitor to Australia. You may do stuff like contract agreements, business inquiries, or attend conferences or workshops as a business traveler. The ETA is a visa that allows you to enter and leave Australia as often as you want in the 12 months that your ETA is valid. However, you cannot live at a time for more than three months. You also can not extend an ETA if it expires during your stay in Australia. You would need to apply for a different form of visa if you intend to spend more than three months in Australia. Family cannot be included with the ETA application. Anyone travelling must have an ETA of their own.

How can we help you?

You can check the eligibility of the Australia tourist visa from India if you are interested. We are a team of experts in Australia Immigration Systems.   Do not waste your time in the registration process rather contact us for Australia Tourist Visa Checklist and immigrate to Australia to bring wonderful memories into your life.