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Express Entry Program

Canada is the country of dreams for many. With new opportunities coming every minute and an easy immigration process, Canada is everyone’s hot destination to immigrate! One can immigrate to Canada through the express entry program which was started in 2015. This program ranks all the eligible candidates alongside one another and then invites the best ranking candidates for the permanent residency.

Benefits of the Express Entry Program

Fast and transparent process: Since the entire process is online, it is highly transparent and fast. There is less human involvement throughout which makes this process less biased.
Equal chance for all: The express entry program gives an equal and fair chance to all the applicants. Everyone is judged on the basis of a few core pointers like age, education, occupation etc.
Apply from anywhere: You do not have to be in Canada for applying into this process. This is one of the biggest advantages for the people who want to stay at home and apply.

Step Wise Guide

  1. One must get themselves registered for the express entry program before hand through the official website of the government.
  2. Every applicant can score points according to the Express Entry Points Calculator on the basis of general factors like occupation, age, education etc. This score is called the Comprehensive Ranking System score and is devised from the Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator.
  3. All the applicants are ranked on the basis of the CRS scores.
  4. The highest scorers get Invitation To Apply for the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
  5. After one accepts the ITA, he/she can submit all the documents and then wait patiently for their permanent residency.

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