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Provincial Nominee Program

Canada is the country of dreams for many. Various students and professionals aim to start their career or enhance their growth in Canada because of the high level of opportunities available there.

One of the methods to immigrate to Canada is through the Canada PNP visa programme. The Program permits Canadian provinces to nominate skilled professional individuals willing to immigrate to Canada and settle down in due course of time.

Benefits of Applying to a Canada PNP program

  • Provincial Nomination speeds the processing of the application
  • No job offer necessity
  • Enjoy the no-hassle pool selection
  • Post PNP Nomination candidates are allowed to live and work in Canada for as long as they want
  • The applicant can support relatives for a temporary and permanent stay
  • Canadian citizenship can be easily achieved once lived in Canada for a set duration.

Steps to Get the Canada PNP Visa

To be nominated by the province to submit the application. Once your application is submitted and is approved by the provincial government or the federal government, you can apply for the permanent residency. A person, who is nominated by the province, gets an upper hand during the express entry program.

Overall, the PNP program is a win-win situation for the Canadian government and the person who is actually looking to move to the country. One must research about various immigration consultancy services available in Delhi and later on choose the best Canada PNP consultant. These decisions shape of one’s life for good. The Canadian PNP Visa might just be the best thing for you!

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