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USA Tourist Visa

Are you planning to visit US? You may need to apply for visitor visa if you intend to travel to the US for business, tourism, holiday or work. You will be required to enter the United States temporarily and receive a combined B-1, B-2, or B-1 / B-2 visa. You can depend on the reasons for travelling for the type of US visa you apply. You may be required to apply for or be excluded from any visa or visa waiver program depending on your country of origin.

The UK Tourist Visa from India is the most common form of visa for recreation, tourism or medical purposes for Indians. The benefit of this US visa is that you can fly up and down many times within six months as a multiple entry visa. Depending on the interview schedule, the visa time is 20 days. This form of visa cannot be applied by you.

Tips to get US tourist Visa from India

Ensure a visa is required!

  • You would not need a visitor visa to enter the country when you fly from Canada or Bermuda to the US.
  • You can also apply for a visa waiver programme if you are a tourist from one of the recognized 38 countries. This means that you can stay 90 days without a visa in the United States or less.
  • See this list before you do something! If you notice you don’t have to apply for a visa, you can save time. Also get proper information about the fees you are required to pay for your for US tourist visa application and compare it with the US tourist visa fees in Indian rupees 2021.
  • You can also verify whether you are from a country that has a Trusted Traveler Program status. The Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI programs will simplify the process of accessing an entry port in the United States.

Search for the right US tourist visa duration for you

  • You should recognize the reasons behind your trip to the U.S. and apply for the most suitable visa.
  • The B-1 Visa is eligible for business travelers to the US. Reasons for the application for this visa include: consultation with company partners, attendance at a business conference or convention, contracts negotiation, property acquisition, and business opportunities study.
  • The B-2 Visa is for people who come to the United States for tourism, holidays or visits to friends and their families. It also refers to persons travelling or engaging in some forms of social or service activities in the US for medical care.
  • The visa combination B-1 / B-2 is intended for people who travel for both forms of visa.

Contacting an immigration consultant for US tourist visa interview questions is the best option to know about the questions asked during the interview.

How to apply for

I hope this blog helps you and provides you with different ways on how to start with your US tourist visa application. Stay tuned with us to know more about this hot topic. To know about the US tourist visa fees contact our immigration consultancy today.  Stay tuned with us to know more about this hot topic.