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Germany Tourist Visa

For individuals and groups travelling to Germany for short-term pleasure, there exist two different Germany visa types offered by the embassy. Therefore, persons applying for a visit in this country must apply under the visa category for Germany. People planning to fly to visit the country’s tourist sites must apply for a tourist visa for Germany. This country is a delight for visitors who enjoy rural culture and delicious food. We will surely assist you in getting Germany Tourist Visa from India, Germany visa monitoring, Germany visa appointment, Germany tourism visa fees, and Germany application online.

Requirements for Germany Tourist Visa from India

  • Initial Passport and copy of all bio data pages in the passport [current and previous, if applicable].
  • Near to the front and back of the head to 70–80 percent of an image in white background. 3 Images 35 mm wide – 45 mm high.
  • A copy of the visa requirement is a travel health insurance policy. No less than 30,000 Euros should be covered.
  • Proof of stay or reservations for hotels covering the whole period of stay.
  • Return or round ticket flight reservation.
  • You may need to request work or company papers depending on your occupational status.
  • Financial records suggesting appropriate financial support for the time of residence.

Germany Visa Application Online and other details

  • Germany is not as straightforward as it would seem to be the method of online visa application. The process includes online form completion, schedule of appointments. Your visa could be denied by a dumb mistake in your application. Therefore, a reputable travel agency is strongly recommended.
  • Make your visa-type checklist papers. Your passport, 2 photos, personal cover letter, bank accounting and financial evidence, flight tickets, proof of employment, hotel reservations, family and friend invites and travel insurances are the documents you need.
  • On the day of appointment, you must visit the Visa Application Center. It which collects and handles all visa applications from Germany is the preferred approved outsourcing partner for the embassy in India. The office as a mediator would not have an effect on the decision on your Germany visa application form.
  • You need to apply your biological (finger prints, photos and the pattern of the retina) and visa documentation as part of your Germany visa application online process. An individual appointment is appropriate for each family member.
  • This BMD is valid for five-year duration. Applicants like children younger than 12 years of age do not have to take their fingerprints. It is three months before your travel the earlier you can make an appointment.
  • The time of processing of a visa for Indians for Germany depends on many factors and can adjust at the discretion of the consulate without prior notice. In general, a visa to Germany is required for processing in the Consulate for 5 to 15 days.

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