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Are you preparing for IELTS exams? Don’t know what to focus more? Looking to improve your ranking for IELTS? You don’t have to worry anymore as you are at the right place. The full form of IELTS is International English Language Testing System. 

It is a testing system which tests the English language skills of the applicant planning to study masters in abroad depending on 4 main language aspects:

They are: listen, read, write and speak.

IELTS preparation tips means, in most of the cases, many hours of sitting and reading. 

The total completion time for IELTS examination is of 2 hours 45 minutes.

It takes a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete the IELTS exam.In one session, IELTS examinations for listening, read, and written are conducted. The IELTS Speaking Test is usually carried out for up to 7 days either that day or before or after other tests.With us you can get access to both online IELTS coaching classes and offline IELTS coaching classes in Delhi. We are recognized as one of the top IELTS coaching institute in Delhi.

One can improve the IELTS score by following the below steps: 


Develop your skim skills. Skimming reads fast by skipping unneeded words like prepositions and disregarding harsh phrases that you need not understand. Do so to gain an overall impression of a text or phrase or to seek an answer intensively.


First, focus on the text, then the questions! Good text comprehension enables you to answer queries more swiftly and effectively.

Always listen for repeated information

This doesn’t work, but sometimes the words that are the answer are repeated: if you have to guess the words you hear over and over again, it might be that answer.

Read as you listen

Not because you haven’t heard well, but because you don’t focus on the issue, a considerable proportion of mistakes are made. While you look, reflect on the question’s precise wording.


Get a text overview before answering questions. Concentrate on the beginning and finish of paragraphs with the same readings of titles and subtitles (but not the first and last sentences). You can obtain the information in a text faster (and thus answer the questions).

Never Panic

IELTS texts are filled with vocabulary with high specialization. Skip the tough words that aren’t important to your text comprehension. 


Learn to recognize the structure of the sentence. This generally involves clarifying the relation between the key concepts in a paragraph and the ideas that support it. The paragraphs are usually descending, i.e. start with the core idea and develop there someplace towards the beginning. But some of them are climbing, generally the first and last paragraphs of a text – the major goal is towards the conclusion. This can be especially helpful for matching headlines to articles.

The Speaking Tips

Being optimistic is always good so that your IELTS score increases.

  • Document and listen carefully to what you’re talking about. With this, you get to know the areas of your improvement.
  • Practice before the mirror and talk to the reflection. Try to get in touch with yourself while speaking, because eye contact with the interviewer is always crucial during an IELTS interview to have a positive influence. It helps also to increase your score in IELTS.
  • Visualize what gives you confidence enough to talk on any topic while listening. You’ll additionally be able to talk about enough points.
  • Read each article in its terms and conditions.
  • Be relaxed and spontaneous when you offer your views.· Work every day on your pronunciation. If you are planning for your MBA study abroad, then having good IELTS score is quiet important.


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