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Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai is United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s largest and most famous city. Dubai is the world’s most populous city, and serves as a corporate gateway for West Asia and Africa. It has also been one of international travelers’ favorite holiday destinations. Before, it was difficult to obtain a Dubai tourist visa, but now it is easy to obtain a tourist visa for Dubai with the emerging tourism industry.

The measures below to obtain a tourist visa for Dubai are:
  1. Know which categories of tourist visa you and your trip fall and which group of visas. For example, you can apply for the regular tourist visa if your period of travel is less than 30 days. In five to six working days after the presentation of a visa application, the UAE Immigration issues a standard tourist visa in the UAE. However, if you wish to obtain the UAE visa as a matter of urgency and in 2 to 3 working days only if all documents provided with a visa application are right, the express UAE Tourist Visa granted may be requested.
  2. Check with the tourist visa application of the UAE, the list of documents that are needed. Documents are available for an Indian citizen travelling to the UAE: i. A copy of the return tickets of the tourist. ii. A scanned copy of the front and back of the visitor’s passport. Make sure that your passport is valid for 6 months from the date of your trip. iii. A photo of a passport with a white background.
  3. Check out numerous tourist companies that offer a UAE tourist visa simple online. Make sure it’s a well-known tourist company. See to that your Visit visa for Dubai provider offers outstanding UAE visa services that are trustworthy.
  4. Just go online and fill in your Tourist visa for Dubai from India application form. Attach the scanned copies of the documents requested. You will receive a confirmation email once the online payment is completed.
  5. The visa application and documentation will be forwarded to the UAE Immigration for the issuance of a UAE tour visa following the document review process. Also note that as per the Dubai visit visa new rules you might be requested to produce additional documentation (this is from certain travelers) due to stringent rules and policies.
  6. You will obtain your visas on your email in a few days, depending on the type of UAE tourist visa you have requested. You must also ask for Dubai tourists visa fees for Indian citizens.
  7. Make sure your visa service provider has provided your respective airline with “OK to Fly” status at least 48 hours before departing to the UAE.
  8. On the departure day, bring your paperwork like your flight ticket passport and copy on your Dubai visa on arrival for Indian in case required to produce. Make a prior reservation for your hotels and holidays package to save huge deals.

Final Thoughts

We have years of experience in helping people relocate and migrate to a wide number of other foreign countries around the world. If you intend to know about the Dubai visit visa charges then contacting us is the best option. Whenever you apply for tourist visa for Dubai from India, our team of experts will certainly support you with one detail, advice and representation. Please contact us if you want to learn more about Dubai tourist visa news and Dubai visit visa new rules.