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Occupation in Demand

Australia allows the specialists and skilled workers identified on Australia’s demand list to operate. Australia actually needs trained employees who may meet the country’s labor requirements under the General Skilled and the Migration Programme.

Thus it is appropriate to have your job on the corresponding occupation request list of Australia in order to enforce the Australian Permanent Resident visa.

Australia has several occupational qualification lists. In order to apply to Australia PR, you must have the designated occupation on one of the following:

  • The strategic test for middle-term and long-term MLTSSL •

STSOL i.e., Professional List for short periods •

  • ROL i.e. List of Regional Workers;

Different work lists allow individuals to apply for qualified migration visas in many categories.

If the job is MLTSSL, that means you can apply for Australia’s Subclass 189 Qualified Regional-Provisional Visa, enabling the qualified and the skilled worker to stay and work somewhere else in Australia for an indefinite period.

MLTSSL also allows individuals to apply for both the Australian Provisional Visa, i.e. Subclass 489. The visa is the four-year conditional visa, a route to permanent residency in Australia. You can work and live in Australia and its geographical area for a limited amount of time as the holder of subclass 489.

You may also apply for a regional provisional 489 visa subclass for Australia under the Regional Occupational List. However, you can apply for the 190 Australia State sponsoring visa if you have the nominated occupation on the STSOL (Shorter Term Professional Occupational List).

The Australia visa 190 category requires that an applicant lives and works in a specific region of Australia for at least two years. In order to apply for visa 190 in Australia, the nomination of the country / territory is mandatory.

In Australia you need to score at least 65 out of 100 points on the scoring list of Australia points in addition to demand professions, a point based immigration system is implemented.

The points are measured by age, schooling, job experience, language skill and other variables. Both the official list and the scores for the Australian Permanent Residency are required.

What do you mean by the Occupancy List?

The MLTSSL and the STSOL are Australia ‘s qualified occupational list, where certain careers are referred to in Australia’s permanent and qualified visa programs, which make the prospective applicant eligible for permanent residency in Australia.

Below is the Skilled Occupation List for the Jobs In Demand In Australia For Migration

  • The Real Estate Representative
  • The Property Manager
  • The Clinical Coder
  • The Jockey
  • The First air Trainer
  • The Flight Attendant
  • The Funeral Workers
  • The Driving Instructor
  • The Emergency Service workers
  • Dental Therapists
  • The Dental Hygienist
  • The Petroleum or the gas operator
  • The nursery person
  • The Zookeeper
  • The Electrical Lines Worker
  • The Floor finisher
  • The Vehicle Painter
  • The building and the engineering technicians
  • The Maintenance Planners
  • The Safety Inspectors
  • The Draftsmen
  • The Mechanical Engineer
  • The Spatial Technician
  • The Construction estimator
  • The Pathology Collector
  • The Operations theatre technician
  • The Agricultural Technician
  • The Arts worker in the community
  • The Translator
  • The property lawyer
  • The Environment health officer
  • The Vocational teacher in education list
  • The Exercise physiologist
  • The Conservation officer
  • The Winemaker
  • The Multimedia designers
  • The Ship Master
  • The Helicopter Pilot
  • The flying instructor
  • The airplane pilot
  • The market researcher and the analyst
  • The liaison officer
  • The policy analyst
  • The adviser at Workplace relations
  • The adviser at human resource
  • The branch manager of the Financial Institution
  • The Theatre manager or the Cinema manager
  • The Manager at the Sports center
  • The Manager at the Fitness center
  • The Manager at an Amusement center
  • The Manager at the post office
  • The Manager at the camping ground and the caravan park
  • The sports administrator
  • The Manager at the regional education center
  • The Medical administrator
  • The Manager at Procurements
  • The project builder
  • The planning and the policy manager
  • The Manager at Public relations 
  • The horse breeder

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