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Canada Study Visa

Are you planning to study in Canada? Then it’s a great decision one can make. Many Indian students have been continually attracted by Canada. The study visa for Canada is validated via a permit for research even though it remains a top academic success for the top Canadian universities.
But moving to Canada without any proper research about the Canada study visa is not good. In Canada, the Government of Canada has provided all Indian students with numerous opportunities to study. However, a temporary resident visa and a study license along with the Canada study visa are required as a prerequisite.
If you wish to take a technical or professional training in a college, university, or other educational institute in Canada, you need a study visa before entering Canada.

List of Documents to carry

In order to apply for the study visa in Canada, you need to fulfill the below requirements:

  • The letter of acceptance from the educational institute
  • Your valid passport or any travel document

You should also: 

  • You have to show that you have sufficient money to pay for your studies i.e., tuition fees.
  • You will have to live for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada, and 
  • To return transportation for you and any family members who come to Canada.

You would also need to appear at the embassy of Canada or consulate for the personal interview and need to be a legal citizen without any criminal record and not be a danger to Canada’s safety (you may have to request a police certificate). 

  • To show that you can provide financial support to you and your family members. You can also be asked to provide the following:
  • A Canadian bank account report on your behalf, if money has been moved to Canada
  • Documents for student/education loan from a financial institution
  • Bank statements 
  • A bank draft in foreign currency 
  • Proof of payment of tuition/hospitality fees 

A letter from the person or institution that provides you funding

Canada recently launched the Student Direct Stream which can be requested by students from China, India, the Philippines and Vietnam to help facilitate Canada’s visa entitlements.

However, language standards are stringent— you have to scoring at least 6 in the IELTS or 7 at a French Competence Linguistics level, or a high school diploma from Canada. The requirements are similar to the regular license. If you do not satisfy the Student Direct Stream criteria when fulfilling the standard study license requirements, the application will be reviewed by normal study licenses alternatives, and the student will not be processed more quickly.

Digging up more

After your student visa application in Canada gets accepted, the port of entry gives you a letter of introduction (POE) (POE). On request, students from countries that need an electronic travel authorization and a temporary resident visa will be issued. The eTA is linked to your passport. You need to traffic the passport you used until you apply for your research license. The eTA is valid for five years or until your visa expires. Show this together with your passport, financial proof, and letter for approval to the Canadian Borders Agency (CBSA) and provide your Canadian study authority.