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Schengen Tourist Visa

Remember to turn on the Screen, or watch your favorite movie star sprint down the green hillside, dance on narrow paved paths, or fall in love near the Eiffel Tower?   Some of Hindi’s greatest love stories have happened in Europe. Do you want all the magic for yourself and visit it any wonder?

Now that you have decided to visit Europe, it is difficult to decide where to go and how to arrive. There are unique charms, secret gems and a unique culture in every region.  How do you pick it? What if more than one country was you going to visit?

The Schengen visa joins that. You have access to 26 countries in the Schengen region with this one Schengen tourist visa. That’s not what you need to pick.

This visa is your ticket to the land of magnificent natural wonders, snowy mountain ranges, blue coasts, charming towns and more. Let’s break the Schengen tourist visa and the process of having one to book your trip at the earliest opportunity.

Schengen Visas- What is the Schengen tourist Visa?

In 1985, after the Schengen Agreement, the Schengen visa was implemented.

Why should this be known?

This agreement has allowed tourists to travel freely across Europe without being faced with numerous national border restrictions. Even, to enter various countries in the region you do not need several visas. This is the world’s largest free zone!

For which reason will I use the Schengen visa?

The Schengen tourist visa is for people who wish to travel in this country, as has been pointed out before. The United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Croatia and Ireland will now fly across the most relevant countries of Europe.

There are various types of Schengen visa from India that you can apply for, depending on your travel intention, and not only can you use the Schengen visa to transfer to different countries i.e. Schengen visa countries.

Business visas: If your only goal is to work in a Schengen country, you must apply for the visa.

Work Visa: If you want to earn a job in Euros, then apply to Schengen for a work visa, and start working in one of these countries.

Transit visas: There are many flights in a Schengen country that have a laundering. To enter the country, you will need a transit visa. In this case, you will apply for two different categories of visas: Category A or B.

You will only be allowed to wait at the airport if you intend to actually wait for your lay-off, and take an Airport Transit visa – Category A. This is great for business travelers or those who want to have a shorter ride.

However, if you want to make the most of your trip and explore a part of Europe, apply for a Category B visa while you are travelling, which allows you to stay in Schengen for up to 5 days.

Tourist Visa: Millions of people apply each year in order only to experience the magic of Europe for a Schengen tourist visa. You have a 3 month cap for visiting any country in the Schengen area with a tourist visa. After 90 days are valid, you will have to apply once again for a further 3 months to extend your stay i.e. the Schengen visa validity along with the Schengen visa fee. Please note, that you cannot work or earn money with this visa when you are staying – for personal reasons alone you can visit.

Final Thoughts

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