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Federal Skilled Worker Program

Moving to Canada has been everyone’s dream as the cold country has an end number of opportunities. There are billions immigration programs that are available for Canada and the best one is the program for skilled workers. There is a specific Federal skilled worker point calculator which helps you analyse your profile in the best way.

This program is for the skilled workers that have foreign work experience and want to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Let us try to understand how this program works

There are a few minimum requirements of this program which are with regards to the work experience, the education and the language ability of the person. The candidate must meet all the minimum requirements for this program.

What are the selection factors for this program?

If you have fulfilled all the minimum requirements, your application is generally based on your age, your work experience, your educational qualification, whether you have a job offer or not, your English and French language skills and your adaptability to Canada.

You are judged on the basis of all of these factors and there are 100 points given out to the people. If you have at least 67 points, you will be considered for this program. This is also called Canada draw 67 point immigration.

After you have qualified this and you have more than the required points, you will be put up in an express entry pool. Here, a different system is given out to rank your profile. Highest ranking candidates are chosen from the pool and they are invited for permanent residency.

What are the minimum requirements of this program?

You must have skilled work experience in managerial jobs, professional jobs or technical and skilled jobs. There is a different criteria for part-time workers and for student workers.

Language ability is a must. Like any other program, you need an approved language test for English or French. There is a different criteria for fun and education.

Apart from all the points that are mentioned above, you must plan to live anywhere in Canada but not in Quebec.

What are the benefits of this program?

This program gives an adequate choice to all the Federal skilled workers who want to move to Canada. This is very fair and transparent. You will be judged on the basis of the points you score.

Since it is a very transparent process you can trust it at all times. This gives an upper hand to the people who were earlier not able to immigrate to Canada.

You can check your score before applying so that your application fees does not go to waste.

It is a totally online process and during these tough times of the pandemic, what else do you need.

Why should you consult us?

Consulting a professional agency is very important for the Federal skilled worker programme. You must check your eligibility for the program and then apply. We are one of the best Canada Visa consultants and have helped many people achieve their dreams. We will check your eligibility for PR visa. We are very popular in this industry and our customers think very highly of us. If you want sure shot immigration, you can contact us. We are always happy to help new customers and clients. We aim to foster this relationship and create good opportunities for you.