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UK Tourist Visa

In England, there is not anything like spending holiday. If you want to taste exotic food or go on a sightseeing tour, UK is an adventure to everybody. Although the magical town is a pleasure forever, do not let the visa process drop you! The fact that you have to ascertain the UK interview protocol can be a little difficult to get a UK visa. However, you can conveniently use the visa with precise application and preparation.

The most common visa form applied by tourists for recreation, travel or medical use is a UK Visitor Visa from India or a UK Standard Visitor Visa. This visa is beneficial because you can fly up and down many times within six months, since you earn a multiple entry visa. Depending on the interview schedule the visa is processed for 20 days. This form of visa cannot be applied alone. Read on to find out more about the UK Tourist Visa Processing Time.

Do's: Do's when you visit UK via UK Visitor Visa from Indias:

Become a tourist and be free to travel:

The United Kingdom has the pleasures of joining Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and passing around towns.

Be an assistant:

You can participate in registered voluntary programs in charitable work provided that the program, which is not the primary aim of your visit, is for a limited period.

For medical purpose:

A tourist visa from the United Kingdom is also provided in cases of medical emergency or facilities in the Kingdom. London is well known for its flawless healthcare sector, which is why it has long been gaining attention around the world.

Present Short Term:

You may enroll in short courses such as language or leisure activities. The courses qualified can take up to 30 days and should also be approved by the Home Office.

Don'ts: Do's when you visit UK via UK Visitor Visa from Indias:

Do any job without compensation or the paid work:

You are not eligible to start working or to go to unpaid visitor visa internships. A separate working visa must be required to start a job.

Live for a long time: Live

As decided, the visa is valid for 6 months and you can not stay longer than 6 months in the Kingdom. If you want to extend your visa, please give the valid reason to the London Consulate and use it.

Civil union marriage or registration:

No marriage or other public partnerships with a tourist visa can be registered, including with respect to industry. No lawful obligations or public funds are also permitted to you.

Documents Required For UK Visitor Visa

This is one of the key steps in securing a visa for visitors. You need to ensure that all the relevant evidence is presented. Our family visitor visa UK experts will remind you of the basics and we will also complete on your behalf the application form to prevent any mistake in visa approval. The criteria are broken down into:

Documents required for family visitor visa UK:

Passport with validity of 6 months minimum and 3 blank pages minimum + all old passports if available)

Two latest color picture of passport size with white backdrop, 35 mm x 45 mm matt finish size 80% face Size

UK Tourist Visa Requirements

Covers the travel information and housing data in the United Kingdom (Employee – plain paper / Employee – letterhead)

Initial Bank Statement revised for the last 6 months with at least 1,50,000 INR over

Returns on Revenue Tax/ Form 16 3 years

Financial supporting papers, including fixed deposits, property

Contact our immigration consultancy to know more about the UK tourist visa and other details like UK Tourist Visa Fees.