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Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Canada has become the city of dreams for many people all over the world. It has various Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Jobs, which gave birth to their RNIP. 


This is a highly community-driven program that is designed to benefit the smaller communities. You must clear the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot eligibility and be in the communities selected for rural and northern immigration pilot

Who all can apply?

All the people who are foreign nationals and have the ability to become economically establish and want to reside in the community which is making the recommendation and meet the criteria under the specific acts can apply. You should have qualifying work experience or must have graduated from a publicly funded post-secondary institution. You must meet the language and educational requirements. Also, you must prove that they have enough money to sustain. Along with this, you must live in the community and should meet all the requirements of the specific community. 

How can you apply?

All the applications under this programme must be given to the centralised intake office of Sydney. This program has been operational for five years. And about 2700 complete applications are accepted every year which meets with the compliance requirements. The application must be completed in every form so that the authority can process it. Apart from this, you might have one year of continuous work experience in the last three years. And to calculate the work experience, there is a specific table given between me to record and comply with.

What are the benefits of this program?

  1. With the help of this program, every community is equal, and now immigrants and move to Canada regarding their community. You will be selected if you have the need that the community wants. You must also possess a genuine employment opportunity. 
  2. Immigrating to another country has always been a huge task but with the help of this, we can easily immigrate to Canada and get the life you’ve always wanted.
  3. You must comply with the RNIP processing time which is not much. This gives an upper hand to all the people who are looking for a steady and speedy immigration process.
  4. Apart from all these, the major benefits of this program is that the work experience required for this program is just one year of working period. The work experience requirement is less, all the people who are young and do not have much experience can apply. This is an easy way out for them and now everyone has an equal opportunity to immigrate to Canada

Why us?

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