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Germany Study Visa

Every year there is increase in the number of students choosing Germany for their international studies. When you plan to study in Germany, the first and foremost thing you need to have is Germany study visa.

You might be exempted from a requirement for Germany student visa, depending on your country of origin, but you still need to have a residence permit for more than 90 days when you arrive in Germany.

Are you planning to study in Germany?

If you are planning to study abroad then having a Germany student visa is important. If you enter Germany with a national visa, you must extend your stay by obtaining a German residence permit for studying in the foreign ministry. For studies that last longer than three months, you must obtain a German national visa. You should do so while your visa for entry remains valid.

First of all, you will have to find out if you need a visa for international students to study in Germany and if so, what type of visa do you have to apply for in order to consider your study length and nature.

Types of Study Visas in Germany

For studies at a number of levels and degrees, you may be issued a German visa. This involves studying, student exchange program, post graduation, and/or graduation. This also includes participation in a pre-academic measure or a non-academic course in German.

You can apply for three kinds of Germany study visa

German student visa: This is the standard international student visa for students who are admitted to a German university and ready for a full-time study course.

Applicant visa for German students: If you have to be in Germany to apply for university admission personally, you need this visa. You cannot study in Germany with this visa, and it is only valid for university applications.

Visa of English Language Course: For a German language course in Germany, you require this type of visa.

The Germany Study Visa Requirements

During your German visa process, the essential requirements are:

The Germany Study Visa Application Documents:

  • The completed National visa application form duly along with your signature.
  • Your national passport is valid.
  • Your passport requires two photocopies.
  • The certificate of your wedding. (If necessary).
  • Your birth certificate.
  • The certificate of birth of your child. (When relevant).
  • Passport photograph
  • Photocopies of German residence titles previously published. (If necessary).
  • Former Germany visa.
  • German resident’s previous permit.

If you intend to go to Germany to apply for university admission in person, you must apply for a Germany study visa. Initially, this visa is issued for three months but, if necessary, can be extended another six months upon arrival in Germany.

You will be able to change yourself into a study visa for Germany or a residence permit if you receive your awaited letter within six months of completion of the full-time university study or preparatory measure.

I hope this helps you in your plans of studying abroad.