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uk student visa new rules

If you’re considering pursuing your academic aspirations in the United Kingdom, staying updated with the latest regulations and requirements is crucial. The year 2023 brings forth new rules for student visas in the UK, shaping the experience of international students. In this article, we’ll dive into the key changes, shedding light on the UK student visa new rules and the invaluable role of Study Visa Consultants, including Arotic Visa, in ensuring a smooth transition.

Key Changes in UK Student Visa Rules (2023-2024):

Graduate Route Extension:

One of the significant changes is the extension of the Graduate Route, allowing international students to stay in the UK for two years after completing their studies. This extension provides graduates with more time to explore employment opportunities and contribute to the UK workforce.

Simplified Immigration Route:

The new rules aim to simplify the immigration route for international students. The Points-Based System (PBS) will be utilized to assess applications, considering factors such as English language proficiency, finances, and Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the institution.

Post-Study Work Rights:

The new rules grant post-study work rights to students who successfully complete their courses at degree level or above. This change opens doors for graduates to work, gain valuable experience, and contribute to the UK job market for a period of two years.

Introduction of Visa Portability:

Another notable change is the introduction of visa portability. This feature allows students to switch to other visa categories from within the UK, facilitating smoother transitions between study and work visas.

Innovations in Digital Services:

The UK government is focusing on digital advancements to streamline the application process. Digital services are being improved to offer a more user-friendly experience for applicants, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

Role of Study Visa Consultants:

Amid these new rules, the guidance of Study Visa Consultants has never been more valuable. Consultants, such as Arotic Visa, possess up-to-date knowledge about the latest regulations, ensuring that students have accurate information for a successful application process. Their expertise spans understanding the new points-based system, compiling necessary documents, and providing personalized guidance tailored to individual circumstances.


The new rules for student visas in the UK (2023-2024) mark a pivotal shift in favor of international students. The extension of the Graduate Route, simplified immigration processes, and post-study work rights are promising changes that enhance the overall study experience. However, understanding and navigating these changes can be complex. This is where the expertise of Study Visa Consultants, like Arotic Visa, comes into play. By seeking their guidance, you can ensure a seamless transition, make well-informed decisions, and embark on an enriching academic journey in the United Kingdom. Stay informed, stay prepared, and let the new rules empower your pursuit of education in the UK.

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