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Do you have plans of studying in Canada? If yes, a student visa is a must for Canada. For students from India who are looking for Canadian immigration, the Canadian government provides a host of opportunities. As a precondition, a student visa and study permit must be available in Canada.

Many students in India seem to have been constantly fascinated by Canada. Validation of a Canada Visa Immigration is provided by a work permit, but also requires outstanding academic achievements in the leading universities of Canada.

You need a Canada Student Visa before entering Canada to undertake technical or professional training in schools, universities or other schools in Europe.

Canada has a long influence on foreign immigrants and is in reality amongst the international student’s one of the world-famous countries. Currently, 245,895 international students travel to Canada to apply for a study visa in Canada each year. Studying in Canada and one of the best countries without having to think about students abroad is a great pleasure.

What is the Canadian study permit?

This is the CIC pass, which allows students to study in Canada. In Canada, this certificate or qualification is issued. You need to stay enrolled and move forward fairly and fast to complete your course if you are holding a study license.

You often need a temporary residence visa for entry into Canada along with your Canada Student Visa. In People of Immigration, we help you understand the student visa process in Canada along with information on the visa process for students in Canada.

Canadian Student Visa Documents

To be considered for Canada Citizenship, you need to meet the following criteria:

•Acceptance letter from the school 

• Your valid passport or any travel document •

You must be:

• You have to show you have sufficient money to pay your tuition fees.

• you will live with you, and all the family members who come with you to Canada

• You also have to be a citizen without a criminal record and not a dangerous Canadian security person (police certificate may be required) for a private interview at the Canadian embassy or consulate.

• Displaying financial assistance for you and your family members; You can also ask for the following:

• a Canadian bank account message, in your name, when money is transferred to Canada

• Documents issued by the student / educational credit institution

• Statements of the bank

• Bank’s draft foreign currency

• Proof of payment for tuition / lodging

• A message from the company or organization

The Indian Canada Student Visa Process-Fees and other requirements

• Applicants from Europe, the Middle East, or Africa must also submit their fingerprinting biometrics and a Canadian student visa photograph.

• Before submitting their application, applicants could also be asked for medical examination and policing verification. The applicant will be disqualified on a Canadian student visa if the police clearance certificate is not sent as evidence that he has no criminal record.

• The applicant shall submit a valid passport allowing it to return after completion of their studies in their country. The applicants must send two photos of their passport size along with their name and date of birth.

• Proof of financing funds was also included in the criteria for Canadian student visas. The cost for each of your Quebec studies years (CA$10,000 / US$ 8,400), plus the tuition fees, is now considered to be CA$10,000. You must also ensure you have plenty of money to pay for home transport.

The following documents must be submitted in order to have money payable for Canada Studies: visa fees, proof of money transfer on the Canadian account, proof of payment on the tuition fee or on lodging charge, proof of draft bank convertible currencies, a letter from an agency that provides you with the funds or evidence of the funding charged.

Final Thinking

You should contact Immigration Canada’s best Canadian Immigration Consultancy to find out about the Canada Student Visa Application from India. All your resources will be supported by the experts at People Immigration. We even guide you as to how to start your life in Canada, how to solve all questions and how to plan your career.

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