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Generally, a foreign national who wishes to enter abroad must first acquire a visa, whether a visa for non-immigrant or a permanent visa for residency. Visit the non-immigrant visa for business purposes (category B-1), tourism (category B-2) for individuals wishing to enter temporarily abroad (category B-1/B-2) for a combination of the two missions.

Each year millions of tourists visit all Schengen countries in Canada, UK, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Italy. In reality, over 35 million visitors, including family visitors and friends, every year visit Canada for the many opportunities offered by this nation.

If you want to visit Canada, for temporary purposes such as a vacation, or if you want to visit families or friends or as citizens of a “visa-exempt” country such as the United States or Australia, you may need a temporary Canadian visa for residents. International citizens visiting Canada can meet their friends, relatives, or even discover a new country without any charge. 

What is a visit Visa?

Only the country you are applying for depends on the visa application process, as each passenger agency has its own law. A minimum collection of documents are needed for the maximum documentation component specifications for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Germany.

1) Business Visas

• Consultation with corporate partners

• Meeting attendance, business conference, school, science or technical conference

• Property clearance

• Contract negotiation

2) Tourist Visas

  • Weekend or holiday tourism
  • Participating in social events hosted by brothers or organizations of social services
  • Participation of amateurs to sports, concerts, or other similar circumstances, or competitions, if the participation is not paid for
  • Enrolment for short recreational course, not for credit to the student,
  • Medical treatment for relatives or friends
  • Participating in social events (for example, it can even be a two-day cooking class when you are on vacation)

Tourist Visa Requirements

Before you attend the visa interview, you need to have all the necessary documents:

A minimum of six months after your stay must be eligible for your passport. For the country in which you wish to remain, your passport must be valid. All those who need a visa and any family member specified on their passport must be submitted with a separate application.

Charge for request and receipt for payment: Before the interview you have to pay Photo: When filling out your form you must upload your photograph. You must receive a printed photograph, as required by the specifications, if you fail to upload the photographs.

Final Thoughts

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