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A TRV, also known as an entry visa, is a sticker that is placed inside of your passport and allows you to enter and exit Canada. You do not acquire Canadian citizenship by wearing this sticker. It is not a document proving your temporary resident status (i.e. study permit or work permit).

An immigration officer may grant a foreign national temporary residency, which entitles the foreign national to remain in Canada for a set period of time.

A foreign national who has been granted temporary residency status in Canada is referred to as a temporary resident. This contrasts with permanent residency, which allows a foreign national to remain in Canada indefinitely.

Throughout the duration of their temporary stay, foreign nationals who have been granted temporary resident status in Canada are required to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the country’s immigration officers.

How do I make a temporary residency application?

For temporary residency, you need to apply to the Canadian government. People who must have a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) in order to enter Canada apply for temporary residency before travelling there. People who do not need a TRV in advance of entry but who still want to fly to Canada must apply for temporary residency before they arrive. This is because they need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) in order to fly to Canada.

All individuals must apply for temporary residency status at a controlled port of entry into Canada, such as an airport, seaport, or land border, regardless of whether they already have a TRV or eTA.

As a result, individuals who need a TRV or eTA must submit at least two applications for temporary residency before entering Canada: one for permission to travel there and another for permission to enter and stay there. Your admission to Canada in a temporary residency status is not guaranteed if you have a TRV or an eTA.

How do I submit a temporary residency application?

You can submit an application for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) online (electronically), in person or by courier to a VAC outside of Canada, or, in some circumstances for people who are already in Canada, to an IRCC Case Processing Center office there. On the website of the Government of Canada, you can submit an electronic travel authorization (eTA) application to IRCC.

At a port of entry into Canada, applicants may present their applications in person to a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer in order to obtain temporary resident status.

Online applications for IRCC Case Processing Center (CPC) temporary residency extensions are accepted from anywhere in Canada.

Unless the application of the foreign national falls within one of the eligible exemption categories of persons who can choose to apply on-line or by paper courier, you must submit an application for temporary residency inside of Canada on-line (electronically) to IRCC through the website of the Government of Canada.

When should you submit an application to extend my visitor’s visa to Canada?

If you are already a temporary resident of Canada and would like to extend the time that you are permitted to stay, you must submit your application for a temporary residency extension inside of Canada before your current temporary residency status expires.

Your temporary residency application will not be accepted for an extension if you submit it after your current temporary residency status has ended. If you have not applied for and been granted restoration of your temporary residency status within 90 days of losing that status, you will not be permitted to remain in Canada after your temporary residency status has expired.

You may be qualified to remain in Canada in “implied status” if your application to extend your temporary residence inside of Canada was submitted before the expiration of your temporary residence, and your temporary residence has since expired. Only the terms and conditions of your previous temporary residency status may you continue to live there temporarily. In other words, even if you have applied to change the terms of your temporary residency, those terms and restrictions still apply to you while you are in implied status. For instance, if you were granted visitor status while in Canada and want to work or enrol in school, you cannot start working for your new employer until your new Work Permit has been issued.

You may continue to work or enrol in school up until your new work or study permit is issued.

The restriction on the length of your stay in Canada is the only restriction that endures after the temporary resident status as a visitor expires.

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