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Many foreign students in Australia wish to remain and gain work experience there for a long time. Fortunately, Kangaroo Country gives students around the world many work opportunities. The high demand for skilled staff in the country allows foreign students to apply for a working visa, enabling them to remain for up to four years in Australia and work after they have finished their studies.

In this post you will receive specific details on Australian post-study work visas including the application process, conditions for eligibility, visa fees and visa processing period.

The education system, which is unique in other countries, is not among indigenous people but also among students from all over the world, making studying in Australia the most common. Therefore, in Australia, students choose to study. Here you have to apply for Australia’s Study Visa if you want to study for a longer time in Australia.

We’re here to support you progressively:

1) Get the CoE from Australian School

Before applying for an Australian study visa, you must register in the Australian school. After receiving a letter of offer from the school and paying a tuition deposit after sending a CoE (confirmation of registration), the student must take the offer in writing. The CoE document is required for one person to start the visa application. However, separate CoEs are needed if one applies to different Australian programmes.

2) You must build your account in Australia with immigration authorities

You now need to have an account with your phone, name, e-mail address, number, and password creation following your school conditions on-line before you start a visa application. Australian visas are available online. Australia would then be established as immigration agencies.

3) You must have the required documents

Before applying for an Australian study visa, you need to know that you will have a valid passport for the entire stay, as there is difficulty extending your passport to the student, evidence of temporary residence, such as your CoE, the OSHC health insurance. This can be shown by an employment certificate, a letter from your school or similar documents in your country of residence.

Other records, such as additional identifying documents, such as a birth certificate, documentation to support the study such as bank statements, proof that you have the details to complete your student’s expected study, including your grade report and IELTS test results might be required, depending on where you want to apply and where you want to study. You can also take up additional courses that might be required for you to study in Australia. Maybe you would like to improve your proficiency in the English language which could be essential during your stay in Australia. In that regard, you can opt for the best courses online, available for English. That way, you can attend the classes and complete the course from home itself. Apart from that, you must have sufficient scanner access when applying for all documents, or all documents should be scanned in advance if you want to apply on-line in the digital format.

4) Finish the Visa application online

It takes 124 days before the beginning of the course, beginning on the date on which you start the CoE, to apply for a student visa subclass 500. The nationality and coE codes must be finalized on the first page. You can also choose to include personal information, family details, answer questions on previous education and work experience and request information for your university degree on your own criminal records and health records that contribute to language training or work experience.

5) Pay Visa Fees for Study Australia and receive the TRN

You will need to pay the Australia Visa Fee online via credit card after the application has been completed. If you have completed the process, you get a TRN number which should be stored as a transaction reference number to verify your application status.

6) Interview on Health Checkup

A health check and a visa interview may also be required depending on where you are studying and living. For this reason, the information is collected after the application has been completed. Before your application is done, we suggest you don’t perform a medical examination, but you need to have the TRN number and instructions. Furthermore, only doctors licensed for Australian immigration can perform their checks.

7) Prepare yourself for Australia study visa

You will reach Australia 90 days before the beginning of the CoE course after obtaining the visa. If you do not stay at school, within seven days from your arrival you will need to tell the school about your stay in Australia. Typically, if your course is longer than 10 months you have the right to stay 30 days after your class is over, or 60 days in Australia.

Australia Visa Study Validity

The average duration of the class in which the student is enrolled is true, as per the new guidelines, effective from 1 July 2016.

Validity & Visa Period

· Longer than 10 months and finishing the next year on November/December-to-15 March. Your visa is valid until the 15th of March 2019, e.g. in December 2018 for your training.

Your visa is valid for two month longer than the duration of the course, for longer than 10 months from January to October. For instance. These sessions will end in February 2018, and by April 2018 you will receive your student visa.

· ten or fewer months – Your visa will be valid for one more month.

The above criteria can confuse individuals. The consultants of Arotic Visa are happy to support you at any stage of the Australia visa study process.

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